Green Spaces

Some colleges have lovely gardens or green spaces. In some of them, you can even walk on the grass! Not mentioned in the table below is that each college also has a sports ground (sometimes shared with other colleges) a short walk/cycle from the main site.

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CollegeGreen Spaces
Balliol College crestBalliolBalliol is beautiful. The front quad is small and very elegant, with lots of flowers. The back quad is big and informal - you can walk on everywhere, and in the summer a lot of people spend time lying in the sun, playing croquet, and drinking Pimm's on the grass.
Blackfriars crestBlackfriarsSadly none.
Brasenose College crestBrasenoseDuring Trinity term, students are allowed to sit and walk on the lawn in New Quad. We have some college grounds in south Oxford that are available all year. Also, the Frewin annexe in general is really green and you can sit/walk on the grass. 
Campion Hall crestCampionUnknown
Christ Church crestChrist ChurchChrist Church has lots of green space, most noticeably the Christ Church meadows that are huge and perfect for jogging, walking, punting, rowing, etc. Students can't walk on the quads in college (unless it's Trinity Term then you can walk on Peck Quad, or Trinity Term after formal hall, whilst wearing your gown, then you can walk on Tom Quad). The master's garden is only open to students in Trinity Term but this is another really nice open space. 
Corpus Christi College crestCorpus ChristiUnknown
Exeter College crestExeterWe can't walk on the grass on the front quad, but can in the Fellows' Garden (overlooking Radcliffe Square!) where there are benches, and people often congregate during the summer when the sun is out. 
Harris Manchester College crestHarris ManchesterAs a small college, Harris Manchester does not have extensive grounds or gardens. There are, however, landscaped quads around college featuring a fountain and a small herb garden. All of the College's green spaces can be walked upon, and for taking study breaks, students are encouraged to go and sit on the wooden benches or set up a quick game of Croquet, which is surprisingly popular - even in winter.
Hertford College crestHertfordThe grass on the main quad can be sat on during Trinity. The annexe is right next to the river and ChCh meadow though, and most college-owned houses have back gardens
Jesus College crestJesusWe have two nice green quads, one of which we can sit on in Trinity term! Also, there are gardens/playing fields at the second/third year accommodation. 
Keble College crestKebleit is quite literally across the road from uni parks, a lovely place to go for a walk or a coffee and relax with friends (or even actually play some sports!
Lincoln College crestLincolnLincoln has three quads.
Lady Margaret Hall crestLMHLMH has huge gardens and lots of green spaces: it is simply beautiful! You aren't allowed to walk on the front quad but the gardens behind college provide plenty of walking, sitting, and playing space.
Magdalen College crestMagdalenMagdalen has a lot of land, most of which is very green! We have a large deer park home to the cutest deer
Mansfield College crestMansfieldUnknown
Merton College crestMertonFellows Garden is a large green space, maintained by five full-time gardeners and open for all to walk and sit on. There is also Chestnut Lawn, a garden with wildflowers, behind the chapel and next to third year accommodation in the Grove building. Merton is also right next to Christ Church meadow, which is enjoyed by students all year round.
New College crestNewUnknown
Oriel College crestOrielGrass cannot be walked on except in Trinity when 3rd quad can be used in the afternoon for relaxing and croquet, and the 1st quad can be used for boules. The grass at the JMH annex can be walked on.
Pembroke College crestPembrokeLike many colleges, Pembroke has some beautiful quads and buildings, and the lawn on these quads are mostly out of bounds. However, benches are dotted around the college and the Chapel Quad lawn can be used in the Summer by all. In the GAB, there are lots of outdoor space which can be used, including a giant chess board.
The Queen's College crestQueen'sYou cannot walk across the front or back quads but we have lovely garden spaces within college where you can sit on the grass by the flower borders or beneath a big tree. There is an outdoor space next to the college bar that you can take your drinks into. 
Regent's Park College crestRegent's ParkRegents' Park College features a nice quad, which is used for fun (e.g. playing croquet) and general laying about in Trinity term.
Somerville College crestSomervilleThe college has a large garden and one of the largest grassed quads in Oxford. Students are welcome to walk, sit and socialise on any of the grass in College. In summer, people will often bring their lunch and dinner out and eat on the quad. Thanks to the lovely gardeners, there are also beautiful gardens and flowers all around college. Attached to the bar, there's also a terrace overlooking Little Clarendon Street.
St Anne's College crestSt Anne'sUnknown
St Catherine's College crestSt CatzYou can't sit on the Old quad grass, but there are small gardens by the library and Bernard Sunley building. There are a few lawns in New Quad which you can sit on, as well as some benches. There is a nearby walk which takes you down to the River Cherwell with lots of fields.
St Hilda's College crestSt Hilda'sThere are several lawns by the river that can be used for a game of croquet, or a place to have some lunch. In fact, all of the grass at St Hilda's is 'usable'- none of this "keep off the grass" business that you see at other colleges! And with a riverside view you can see why the college wants its students to be able to enjoy the lawns. 
St Hugh's College crestSt Hugh'sMuch of the 14 acre site is taken up by lawns, gardens, and woods. You can sit and walk on all the grass, and many people like to work outside, have a picnic, or play on the lawns. The Hugh's gardens are massive and beautiful. Grass-walking enthusiastically condoned.
St John's College crestSt John'sUnknown
St Peter's College crestSt Peter'sThere's only one quad you can't walk on. Otherwise you are free to walk and sit everywhere.  
St Stephen's House crestSt Stephen'sUnknown
St Edmund Hall crestTeddy HallPeople congregate in the graveyard in the summer. It's a bit weird at first but the place is great.
Trinity College crestTrinityTrinity has some of the best gardens/green spaces in Oxford! We have vast lawns which are the envy of many, and you can sit/walk/lie/study on them all you want!
University College crestUnivUniversity College has beautiful grounds: There is the Fellows' Garden which is open to sit and walk on. The Master's Garden is open on some occasions, especially for events. The Goodhart Lawn is also available for use. Two of the main quads with grass are not for walking on.
Wadham College crestWadhamWe have large gardens and can sit on any grass in college, except for the front quad.
Worcester College crestWorcesterWorcester has 26 acres of beautiful, tranquil gardens. There even is a lake and apple orchard on site. There are plenty of areas where students can sit and walk on the grass, and overall, the grounds are truly breathtaking so that many non-Worcesterites might have got jealous in the past.
Wycliffe Hall crestWycliffeUnknown

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