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CollegeLibrary Opening Hours (during term)
Balliol College crestBalliolThe library is open 24/7 except during closed periods, and borrowing is limited to 12 items at a time.
Blackfriars crestBlackfriars7.30am (Mon-Fri) or 8.30am (Sat & Sun) to 10.30pm all year round except when the Hall is closed (e.g. for 'Christmas Octave' or 'Easter Triduum')
Brasenose College crestBrasenoseThe library is open 24/7. There are generally no differences in lending policy for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and there are no fines (it's a "honour-based" system). In terms of accessibility, the library also features height-adjustable desks. Students are given the opportunity to work as library assistants.
Campion Hall crestCampionUnknown
Christ Church crestChrist ChurchThe library is open from 8am to 1am every day during term time. There also is a separate 24-hour study space.
Corpus Christi College crestCorpus ChristiUnknown
Exeter College crestExeterUnknown
Harris Manchester College crestHarris ManchesterThe library is open 24/7 during term time, and 8 am - 10 pm outside of term time. All students may borrow books for the duration of up to a whole term plus vacation at a time.
Hertford College crestHertfordThe Library is open 24/7 and is completely self-service.It is very nice & the librarian is super helpful. You might also get your chair stolen by Simpkin the college cat if you're not careful.
Jesus College crestJesus24/7
Keble College crestKeblethe Keble library is a beautiful, large 2-storey building across from the Hall with the upstairs having a more dark academia, gothic vibe and the downstairs being bright and airy. You'll never not be able to find a seat in here and its size and our wonderful librarians mean it's always stocked with the books you need and want - my friends at other colleges are always complaining about how Keble always has the book they need! As well as the library, you can study in the Keble bar, JCR or postgrad HB Allen Centre cafe for a more relaxed, talking-allowed feel. And there are rooms in the Sloane Robinson building which also allow for studying without the intensity of a library.
Lincoln College crestLincolnUnknown
Lady Margaret Hall crestLMH24/7
Magdalen College crestMagdalenThe College library is great, its currently 24/7 so you can work when you want and it just has a really good atmosphere
Mansfield College crestMansfield24/7
Merton College crestMerton7.30am- 2am
New College crestNewThe library is open from 8.30 am to 2.00 am every day during term time, and from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm every day during vacations. The Library will be closed during the College Christmas closed period. Almost all items from the Library’s modern collections may be borrowed; a small number are for reference-only use. The loan period for books is two weeks for New College undergraduates and the whole term for New College postgraduates. CDs and DVDs may be borrowed for three days. Generous borrowing privileges enable students to have thirty-five items out on loan at any one time, and a book can be renewed as many times as required so long as it has not been reserved by another reader.
Oriel College crestOriel24/7
Pembroke College crestPembrokeUnknown
The Queen's College crestQueen's24/7
Regent's Park College crestRegent's ParkThe library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except in college closure periods, such as Christmas. The library is also usually closed in the summer for maintenance work and stock take, but students are always given plenty of notice for closure times. Books can be borrowed for the duration of either a term or a vacation at a time.
Somerville College crestSomervilleThe Library is open to Somerville students 24/7 every day except during the winter closure period. There are no differences between the borrowing rules for undergraduates and postgraduates: books can be borrowed for a period of weeks, but renewed if necessary.
St Anne's College crestSt Anne's24/7
St Catherine's College crestSt Catz8am-midnight (opens 9am at the weekend)
St Hilda's College crestSt Hilda's8.30am-1am (opens 9am at the weekend; closes midnight on Friday and 11pm on Saturday)
St Hugh's College crestSt Hugh's24/7
St John's College crestSt John's9am-midnight (closes 2am during Trinity term; opens 10am on Sundays). For students wanting to work at later times, there is a 24/7 study space.
St Peter's College crestSt Peter's24/7
St Stephen's House crestSt Stephen'sUnknown
St Edmund Hall crestTeddy Hall8.30am-1am (closes 3am during Trinity term)
Trinity College crestTrinity24/7
University College crestUnivUniv has two libraries - the old and the new. Most people prefer studying in the old library as it's more traditional and pretty - it houses a lot of the history and literature books as well as the science books on the lower levels. The new library is more moderns and has politics and law books - I prefer the new as it's often less busy and I think the desks are bigger! It also has shared study rooms, where a lot of discussion based degrees like to go over work together and develop ideas. They're usually well stocked with books, and what they don't have is usually online! If you're lucky they'll have a couple copies of the book you want, but if not everyone I have worked with has always been very good about sharing the books when you all have to read the same one in 4 days!
Wadham College crestWadham24/7
Worcester College crestWorcesterWorcester has excellent library facilities. The main library, which is open 24-hours a day during term time, has 65,000 volumes, and individual reading cubicles. There is a separate Law Library (also open 24-hours a day) and a magnificent Old Library which houses collections of European importance (open from 8 am-12 am during term time). Both undergraduates and postgraduates can borrow up to 15 books for the full term, or a full vacation.
Wycliffe Hall crestWycliffeUnknown

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