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Corpus is one of Oxford’s older colleges and is its smallest - we’re tiny! But that does mean we have a reputation for being "small and friendly". We’re quirky and cosy, and there's always a friendly face around the corner. With such a small student and staff population, you end up with a really amazing support network.



From Monday to Thursday we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Saturday, we serve brunch, and on Sunday brunch and dinner. The average cost of a meal is £2.38. On Fridays, we have breakfast, lunch, and then Formal Hall. We don’t have to wear our gowns but we dress smartly and enjoy a three-course meal for £7.90.



Corpus provide accommodation for all years of undergraduate study. First-year accommodation is mostly in New Building, just opposite the college (refurbished and en suite). In your second year you’ll probably live in flats a ten minute walk from college. Students in their final year usually live in college and will probably have an en suite and communal kitchenette.



Because we’re so small we usually pair up with other colleges, but Corpus’ football, rowing cricket and netball teams are all very active! Our college drama society, "The Owlets," puts on two plays a term in our auditorium, and there are loads of opportunities to get involved either on or backstage. The JCR is the hub of college life. We have JCR tea every day at 4pm, which is free tea and biscuits to lure everyone away from work for a while.


We have two welfare officers in the JCR who work with members of the SCR to support students throughout their studies. The college doctor is based just across the street, and we have a college nurse who does drop-in hours in college. We also have a team of trained student Peer Supporters. Welfare is a priority at Corpus and our welfare team is ready to help with anything you need. Drop in for welfare tea every Sunday at 4pm for tons of free food, unlimited tea, and a friendly ear!


Corpus’ beer cellar is small and busy most nights of the week, on top of the three bops (parties) we hold in there each term. We have a ball every two years, and host the annual charity Tortoise Fair each summer, open to everyone in Oxford to enjoy!

Corpus Christi is so manageable in size. It doesn’t take a week to hike from the hall to the library like some other colleges I could mention. Also, fantastic gardens.
Will, English, student from 2014
Corpus is such a supportive environment. Everyone knows everyone. Plus, the 24 hour library is amazing.
Lily, Classics, student from 2013
Corpus JCR is like a big family. It’s small, friendly and buzzing with energy!
Raphaella, Biochemistry, student from 2013

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Founded: 1517
Students per year: 70
Total number of undergraduate students: 235
Famous alumni: Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Isaiah Berlin

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