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As any more boring prospectus will tell you, Hertford is the one with the bridge. There’s also a cat. With that out of the way, think about applying here if you’re after a chilled-out college that does a bit of everything Oxford has to offer. There’s no Hertford "type," but the place strongly projects an open, progressive, and friendly atmosphere. Beautiful and super central, everything here is designed to help you get the most out of Oxford. That applies to your academic work and everything beyond it.



Hall serves good food three times a day in the week, along with brunch on weekends and Formal on Wednesday and Sunday. Prices are low. This is a really popular, social option. There’s a second canteen at Hertford’s "Warnock" annexe, serving breakfast and dinner for students in South Oxford. Both canteens cater for a full range of dietary requirements.



Hertford’s accommodation guarantee is one of its strengths. Students are spread across college (including all first years), houses, and halls. Nearly everyone lives within 10 minutes walk of College. Room pricing is at a flat-rate, and amongst the cheapest around. We don't do en suite, but you’ll get used to that (bathroom ratio about 4:1). Allocation is by random ballot. Room quality is good, with the mix of houses, annexes, and College rooms catering for individual preference. Rooms have Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.



Hertford music is huge, with a Jazz Band, Wind Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Open mic nights and lunchtime recitals are frequent, with an Arts Week running each Summer. College teams compete in Rowing, Football (Men & Women), Rugby Union, Netball, Hockey, Darts, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, and Basketball. There’s also an on-site Gym, "cuppers" events in other sports, and weekly yoga and Zumba classes. The JCR is highly politically and socially aware but doesn’t take itself too seriously!


Hertford has elected male and female welfare reps, alongside fifteen student peer supporters trained in dealing with difficult and sensitive issues. Welfare reps also act as advocates for the student body, working alongside the College welfare team. They also run teas with lots of (un)healthy food, offering a space to take a break from busy Oxford life.


Bops (parties) at the club "Plush," cheap and popular bar, balls, summer arts week, open mic... the list goes on. Hertford entertainment is great, and this is mainly due to fab people here!

I really like Hertford’s genuinely unpretentious, open atmosphere, and the fact that we value the college's present and future as much as (if not more than) its past.
Ellen, English, student from 2013
Hertford is one the friendliest Colleges there is. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is so supportive. It feels like a second home with a second family.
Mark, Biochemistry, student from 2012
Hertford is a charming college. The Bar is yellow, the Bridge sighs, and the Bod is close at hand. All in all, it’s a good place.
Miriam, Human Sciences, student from 2013

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Founded: 1282
Students per year: 120
Total number of undergraduate students: 395
Famous alumni: Evelyn Waugh, William Tyndale, John Donne, Jonathan Swift, Fiona Bruce

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