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Founded with the intention of making Oxford accessible to people from all backgrounds, Keble has kept up its reputation for being one of the friendliest and most inclusive colleges in Oxford. While it’s unique in appearance — the brickwork has been compared to a lasagne — it’s most certainly loveable and you’ll learn to appreciate its individuality (the lasagne comparison can only be positive). As a college with a large student population, it offers a variety of societies, clubs, and activities for all types of students.



Keble Hall is one of the most beautiful in Oxford and holds the record for being the longest (take that, Christ Church!). Hall provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays. At weekends, there is brunch which runs slightly later so students get a bit of a lie in! All meals are relatively inexpensive and of good quality. Eating together is a big part of Keble’s history, and so "in dinner" on Monday through to Friday, the 300 seats in hall are often near full! Dinners, aside from on Saturday, are "formal", meaning that you pop on a gown and are served by our friendly waiters. Café Keble is also open during the day for students to grab lunch or a light snack. It's a lovely informal working environment which students often use for group work over a coffee!


Keble accommodation is often complimented by students from other colleges due to the size and amount of natural light in our undergraduate rooms. Keble guarantees accommodation within college to all first and second-year undergraduates. In your third year, there is the option to live in or out. 70% of in-college rooms are en suite and the rest are generally shared between two or three students. Because kitchens are a rarity in first and second year, eating in hall is a popular option, which brings everyone together for a communal catch up at the end of the day. While year groups tend to live in different blocks in college, the fact that all years live within the college walls means that there are lots of opportunities for integration!


Keble are not only renowned for their talented sports teams, they are also notorious for having the largest (and loudest) group of supporters at inter-college matches. We won the inter-college rugby competition in 2015, and reached the finals in both netball and mixed hockey. In terms of drama, The Keble O’Reilly Theatre is one of the most popular student theatres in Oxford, providing an excellent opportunity to get into the drama scene while within college walls. The JCR itself is an active part of Keble life and is used to watch sports games and television; it’s always packed for Monday evening Game of Thrones! There are also ways to get involved as part of the JCR committee and to take control of charity fund raising, outreach, or arts and publications (among other things).


Made up of a mixture of students and staff, the team of peer supporters, headed up by two student representatives, would be your first port of call when you feel in need of support or advice. There is also our wonderful chaplain, Jenn, who is always present in college and always has a full box of chocolates in her office! The Welfare team organise regular events, such as cheese and wine evenings and Welfare teas, and even Krispy Kreme’s outside the library during exam time! Keble has a very caring atmosphere and takes the welfare of its students very seriously.


The fantastic Entz team host a wide variety of events and socials throughout term - Bops (themed fancy dress parties) hosted in the "spaceship", our college bar, as well as pub quizzes, open mic nights, and wine and cheese evenings. Contributing to the popularity of the bar events are the exceptionally cheap drinks. Keble Hall also hosts two guest nights per term, during which you are allowed to bring three guests to a night of seemingly endless vino and high cuisine. Also, each subject and most societies hold a black tie dinner annually; undeniably one of the best dinners of the year!

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Founded: 1870
Students per year: 120
Total number of undergraduate students: 405
Famous alumni: Ed Balls, Imran Khan, Andrew Adonis, Randal Pinkett.

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