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LMH is one of the larger and (of course) best colleges. Founded in 1878, we were the first women’s college and also the first to go mixed. This inclusive spirit is still very much a defining feature of LMH. We’re incredibly proud of our roots and the fun, welcoming atmosphere that makes LMH so loved. This page has been put together by LMH undergraduates to show how much our college has to offer and why we’re so fiercely loyal to it.



Hall is open for all meals Monday-Friday, Saturday brunch and Sunday dinner. The biggest culinary event of the week is formal hall on Friday: a delicious, three-course meal complete with candelabras and good company. The rest of the week eating in hall is a good way to relax and catch up with friends. A main meal cost around £2.50. There are always two vegetarian options and college are good at catering for dietary requirements.



As an LMH undergrad you can live in college for three years. Everyone has a kitchen near them and, even if not in first year, a large portion of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms. 1st years are allocated rooms together but all other year-groups are able to ballot for rooms with their friends.



LMH has a huge range of clubs including choir, Zumba, Pilates and Juggling. We also have subject societies like the Daisy Circle for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).


The welfare reps for the JCR help organise welfare in college, with help from the Peer Supporters, LGBTQ reps and Equality Committee. This includes Welfare Tea once a week, an open door policy, Post-Bop Brunches; and providing free condoms, dental dams, lube and pregnancy tests.


LMH is known for making the most of its spare time and as a larger college we’re able to hold many diverse social events. These include Gender Equality Week, World at LMH, Oxmas and bops. Bops are held three times a term, and these cheesy fancy dress parties are held in the student-run bar, who kindly concoct themed punches for the occasion. Themes range from children’s TV to tube-stations. The LMH Ball may only take place once every three years, but it is the most keenly anticipated event of all – our last ball was circus themed, and featured fire-eaters, dodgems, a lizard in a jumper, fire-works, unlimited food and drink, and great music all night long.

Being further out of town means a really chilled atmosphere and beautiful rolling gardens in which to wander about pensively whilst procrastinating. More space also means accommodation for 3 years!
Liv, English, student from 2014
LMH is a thriving academic community, a stunning garden setting, a warm and supportive family. For all of us here, LMH has become home - come along to experience something unique within the bustling Oxford bubble!
Helen, English, student from 2013
Having all years live in college provides a homely atmosphere, and a unique support system; both academically and socially. You're never short of friendly faces or activities in college!
Akila, Medicine, 4th year

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Founded: 1878
Students per year: 115
Total number of undergraduate students: 385
Famous alumni: Nigella Lawson (what a babe)

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