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The Queen's College has a reputation as one of the friendliest and most inclusive colleges. It was founded in 1341 and is one of the oldest Oxford colleges, giving it a rich history and many quirky traditions. The current buildings date from the early 18th century and provide a beautiful backdrop to student life. Queen’s prides itself on its great location on the High Street, a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for students, beautiful buildings and facilities, and most of all its friendly and welcoming student body, which is the centre of undergraduate life.



The food at Queen’s was recently voted the best of all the colleges by a student newspaper. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day including weekends, and it’s subsidised too, so a two-course dinner only costs around £4.10. There is a buffet-style format for breakfast and lunch, whereas all dinners are served. A variety of options are provided for vegetarians at all meals and the kitchen caters to all dietary requirements. If you aren't already full in the afternoon, the JCR provides food at 4pm every day at the 'JCR tea'. This is a time when most of the undergrads at Queen’s stop what they’re doing and descend on the common room to take a break from their day, catch up and enjoy a variety of food - such as the popular cheese on toast!



Accommodation is guaranteed for all years of your degree at Queen’s. First years live together in the Florey and Cardo annexes, which are less than a ten-minutes walk from the main college site, and accommodation from then on is increasingly closer to college for each year, with third years living in the College itself. Rooms are allocated by means of a random ballot and everyone pays the same rate regardless of room size and location, making it the fairest system possible. Many rooms are en-suite, and shared and small rooms are available at a 20% discount.



Queen's has one of the widest ranges of clubs and societies of all the Oxford colleges. We are particularly strong in sports, with promotion for the top two men’s football teams, a cup win for the women’s hockey team, victory for the first men’s rowing team, and a spot in the finals for the mixed netball team, to mention a few from this year! There are dozens of sports on offer at Queen’s, and great facilities too - the College owns its own sports grounds as well as a gym and tennis and squash courts, which are all free to use. The college also gives money for those who play sport at a university level to help pay for (all-important) stash and subscriptions. For musical students, the Queen’s music society (the Eglesfield Musical Society) boasts a Jazz Band, Chorus, Orchestra, an A Cappella group, and string quartet, and it holds regular recitals and concerts. The Eglesfield Players is the dramatic society in Queen’s and the two come together to put on an annual musical in the Queen’s garden in the summer term with great success! The most recent was 'Into The Woods'.


There is a caring and comprehensive welfare system in college with male and female welfare officers on the JCR and MCR executive committees. In addition, we have a network of student peer supporters as well as Junior Welfare Deans, Junior Deans, the Dean and the Chaplain, who all contribute to the welfare web at Queen's.


Entertainment-wise, there are on average four bops per term, and three ‘end-of-term events’ at the end of each term too – which are basically just big parties. The student-run Beer Cellar (the college bar) provides a huge selection of cheap drinks, is open six days a week, and is a popular social space in college. Balls are held once every three years, and there are many subject, club, society and miscellaneous dinners with amazing food that are held throughout the year in Hall.

I like Queen's because it's a fantastic community. Everyone looks out for each other and nobody's ever a stranger. It also helps that we're right on the High Street!
Colin, Law, student from 2013
Queen's destroyed every misconception still lingering at the back of my mind about coming to Oxford, about being intimidated or isolated. It's the friendliest and most inspiring place to be!
Amy, Modern Languages, student from 2015
I love Queen's because of its amazingly friendly atmosphere. Everyone looks out for each other and makes sure everyone is included. It's a lovely place to be!
Harriette, English and Modern Languages, student from 2014
I have never felt more at home here. The support for my sporting, academic and other extracurricular activities is amazing. Apply now!
Andy, Biochemistry, student from 2012

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Founded: 1341
Undergraduate students per year: 101
Total number of undergraduate students: 335
Famous alumni: Rowan Atkinson, Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web), Tony Abbott, Henry V of England, Edmond Halley, Edwin Hubble

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