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Trinity students are part of a fun, close-knit community perfectly situated in the heart of Oxford. The college is smaller than average in terms of student numbers, but it has great facilities including the enviable back lawns where students can be seen relaxing, building snowmen or playing croquet, depending on the time of year! Much loved members of the college include the College's cat, Artemis.



Trinity is reputed for having the best food in Oxford. All meals are reasonably priced and Trinity students certainly make the most of this as our hall is very much a part of Trinity social life. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided every weekday, with Brunch and Dinner at weekends. Friday evenings are quickly booked out for a delicious 4-course guest dinner. At weekends, brunch is a favourite. The hall caters incredibly well for any dietary requirement.



Accommodation is provided for all years with both first and second years on-site, while other years are a short cycle away. On-site, there is a JCR kitchen and corridor microwaves, and off-site small groups of students share kitchens. All on-site accommodation is a single price band- seconds years choose their rooms by a random order ballot.



Trinity Boat Club and our non-auditioning chapel choir are currently the largest societies. There are also many active sports teams and clubs from rugby and netball to squash and Zumba. The 'Trinity Players' produce excellent entertainment every summer and are open to participants with or without theatrical experience! Students also produce a termly newsletter, the ‘BroadSheet’. Trinity’s JCR has just been refurnished- squashy sofas, a flat screen TV with game consoles, a pool table, and table tennis make it a great place to just relax!


Welfare is well-invested in with weekly welfare drop-in sessions and well-stocked welfare teas every Friday afternoon! There are both male and female welfare reps as well as the cookie fairy and condom fairy who will visit your pigeon hole whenever you need!


Trinity has traditional bops at the start and end of each term in the beer cellar (another social hub of college) as well as a mid-term at a local bar or club. Drinks in the beer cellar are cheaper than high street pubs and the bar staff are very friendly making it a great place to start a great night! Commemoration balls are held every three years- the next will be in 2017!

Trinity’s central location is perfect- a short stroll and you can be at whichever library, lecture, restaurant or bar you fancy!
Florence, Theology and Religion, student from 2013
It’s like a home away from home- great food, great lawns, great people!
Raghav, Medicine, student from 2015
Trinity has a strong academic tradition which is well balanced by its embrace of the arts and high level sport
Oli, History, student from 2015

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Founded: 1555
Undergraduate students per year: 83
Total number of undergraduate students: 300
Famous alumni: William Pitt the elder - Prime Minister, Henry Moseley - physicist, Jay Gatsby - The Great Gatsby, Constantine Louloudis - Olympic rower

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