A week in the life of... Adam

Adam is a Geography student at Hertford College.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Not awake! Tumble out of bed and straight to a lecture (at least two hours later than scientists)

Not awake!

Not awake!

Not awake!

Not awake!

Brunch – the most well-attended meal of the week. A full breakfast is served until half 12 (for those of us not morning-inclined)




Lie-in! A little bit of reading


Lecture and essay writing

Tutorial – based on the topic we covered in our essay, and checking we understand what we tried to write about!




Microwave rice or a tin of tuna: top level student cuisine

Hall food! A decent amount of vitamins for once

Off to Mission Burrito (filling up a loyalty card!)

Grabbing a sandwich from the nearby Tesco

Celebratory fast food, or a Moo Moo milkshake from the Covered Market!

Covered by brunch!

Covered by brunch!


Reading and note taking, maybe a trip to the Vere Harmsworth library for a change of scenery

Bit of reading/procrastinating with mates

Australian Rules Football training, working on an essay plan

Still writing! Asking my friends to make me a brew to stop myself procrastinating

Book returning of that week’s tutorial, fetching some more for next week

Day off, bit of a walk around Oxford

Australian Rules Football training


Making a pasta bake (and storing some in Tupperware for a second meal/snack)

Cooking from a mate, everyone chipping in about a pound for a decent meal

Making a meal, probably with some vegetables as the vitamin count is low

Making a meal as an excuse to take a good break from my work

Takeaway with friends

A normal meal, or possibly a treat with Atomic Burger or another unique Cowley Road restaurant

Meal thrown together from the reduced sections of the supermarkets


Reluctantly go for a run, doing a little more reading

Bit of reading/chatting with mates, possibly with a pint down the college bar

Working more on an essay plan, doing some key reading that I accidentally missed!

Finishing the essay and delivering it with a big skip in my step, going down the bar to celebrate

Movie night – chance to unwind a little and see friends (and moan about the tutorial)

Writing up lecture notes for revision closer to exams!

Writing up lecture notes