A week in the life of... Anson

Anson is a Law student at University College.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


I wake up at 5:45 am, throw on my clothes and manage to bike to the boathouse on the River Cherwell by 6am for a water outing (when crews go on the river).

Thank God for small mercies – the first lecture is at 10am.

Breakfast with my mate at Cafe Loco.

I manage to wake up at 9am, print off my essay and head off to my tutorial.

Erg session for the crew. I'm the cox so I don't need to erg, but why waste time? I plank and do circuits, sweating it with the rowers.

Another 6am water outing: One of our crew was quite late last time so she treats us to strawberries for breakfast, yum!


I decide against going back to sleep and head off for my 9am lecture at the Bodleian Law library, secretly wondering how the science students bear it. I grab coffee from the Missing Bean stall at the library and use it to stay awake throughout my lecture.

I work in the huge Bodleian Law library until lunch time. The Law Bod is super well-stocked, sure to have whatever obscure book your 6-page reading list insists you read!

I oversleep and decide to skip the 10 am lecture. It's becoming a regular occurrence. I head to my friend's huge study to work.

I finish up my reading and start planning my essay.

I'm still exhausted from the night out and I head back to bed and decide to wake up in time for lunch.

I go back to sleep.

I go to St Ebbes for church which starts at 11:45 and lasts for an hour.


It's pasta day in the Buttery today, and I join my friends in hall for a quick chat.

I treat myself to Thai food from the Covered Market.

Cook myself lunch.

Brunch in the hall.

Lunch at St Ebbes


I've an essay on Contract Law due on Friday and a monster of a reading list. We may have fewer lectures but our tutors sure know how to make up for it! I read and take notes in the College library.

Another water outing, at 5pm this time, happily enough. I'm never so happy than when coxing.

More reading more reading more reading.

My friend does Law as well, so I go over and we collectively panic/ work out what the essay is really about. I then head back to the library and continue writing the essay.

Puppy play date! The welfare team have arranged for puppies to appear at the Master's Garden. The whole college shows up to play with the adorable puppies.

The Oxford HK society elections are at Brasenose and after 3 hours, the whole cabinet is elected! We celebrate at a nearby restaurant and have an early dinner.

Sunday is my rest day: I Skype my family back home, read a book, and do whatever pleases me.


I cook a quick dinner for myself.

Oxford Hong Kong society elections are coming up and I meet with my prospective cabinet to hash out the specifics of the campaign. We then all head out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner (we miss home food).

Oxford Union is hosting Al-Jazeera's show Head to Head, and Naomi Wolf is on tonight! Having reserved tickets, I head off with my friend to see the famous feminist.

I grab a panini from Olives and then head back to the college library to finish up my essay. Thursday nights are always madness.

My friends decide to make falafel for dinner. We cook them together, and catch up on things.

I head to the JCR meeting – there's an interesting motion I want to vote on and free pizza certainly is a draw!


After dropping by my friend's for a quick chat, I then head back to the library. I go to bed at around 1am.

Back to the library!

Pre-drinks with friends and head off to Bridge!

It's never too late for ice cream. I run out with a friend to G&D's and stay there til closing time.

I do some preliminary reading for next week, taking it easy.

I head to bed early, thank God the week is over!