A week in the life of... Archie

Archie is an English student at Hertford College.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Morning run and breakfast.

Morning bike ride and breakfast.

Early morning swim training. Big Breakfast at Iffley Café after.

Probably up quite early. Breakfast in room.

Lie in.

Lie in.

Lie in.


Reading by 9am, possible lectures at 10am and/or 11am.

More reading and lectures. Again starting about 9am.

Essay planning and then writing (Library or Room).

Finish writing up essay.

Shorter bike ride (if time).

Target Schools Event.

Longer bike ride with Triathlon Club (OUTriC).

Longer Run with Running Club (OUCCC).


Lunch in College Hall. Enthusiastic communal essay discussion.

Lunch in College Hall. Informed communal essay discussion.

Lunch in College Hall. Communal winging about essay/deadline.

Cook lunch in the house.

Lunch in College Hall.

College Brunch.

College Brunch.


More reading, then a College-based class on current literary period of study.

Indoor bike training with Triathlon

Club (OUTriC) if time.

College subject group migrates to café. Essay structure generally emerges late afternoon.

Probably go for a swim.

Essay writing in room.

Tutorial on essay.

OUSU Target School Campaign Meeting.

Quick Run.

Target Schools Event.

See people I’ve neglected!

Catch up on emails, life.

Receive essay title and collect books from library. Flick through a few pages.

Gym or short run.

Swimming training with Triathlon club (OUTriC)

Guiltily begin reading for the next essay…


Burrito or similar on the way home.

Quick dinner at home.

Cook dinner with housemates.

Dinner in College Hall.

Cook dinner with housemates.

Cook dinner with housemates.

Dinner at home / occasional dinner out / formal.


More reading, until abandoned for drinks out (Raouls, Freud’s, Duke of Cambridge etc.)

Enough essay planning to keep me on track.

Crash out with iPlayer…

A bit more writing

Track Running with Triathlon Club (OUTriC)

College Bar or Pub, possibly then Club…

Night out or night in. Really depends on how busy the week has been.

Group dinner.

Becomes quiet night in / pub or College bar trip.

Chill if at home.

Occasional JCR Meeting.