Graduate Students

While this website is mostly aimed at home undergraduates, we also want to offer a big hello to anyone interested in Masters or PhD study at Oxford! The University website contains a lot of really useful information about graduate life at Oxford, including videos of what it is like to be one of the 10,000+ graduate students here.

I’ll take this opportunity to answer three questions you might have.

First, can I afford to do graduate study at Oxford? We have a considerable amount of scholarships and other funding sources available at both Masters and PhD (we call it DPhil here, but it’s the same thing) level – full details are on the University website. While we can’t fund everyone yet, we at OUSU continue to push for more.

Second, how do I choose a college? It’s a difficult choice but most of the information on this website is also relevant to graduate students: is the college old or new, near or further away etc. Check on the University website whether it takes your course, and how much accommodation it provides. Also, over a third of applicants don’t specify a college – so this remains an option.

Third, what is it like to be a graduate student here? Answer: there are so many opportunities, both academic and outside of your studies, that it is a great place to study. The quality of research conducted at Oxford is world-class – being part of this – either on a taught course or on a research programme – is unbeatable. Outside of this, you will be part of a “Common Room” to meet people across disciplines, attend no end of events, take part in college sports and much, much more. Finally, it’s a wonderful, vibrant city with students from over 140 countries, and infinitely more different backgrounds.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Nick Cooper, OUSU Vice President (Graduates)