International Students

Oxford students come from over 140 different countries: just one of the reasons why this is such an incredible university to be part of. At OUSU, we work hard to ensure that the international student experience is the same as the UK student experience – right from application to graduation. Our International Students Campaign works on issues affecting international students (such as visas & immigration, looking to make the university process as simple as possible), and puts on events to create a community of international students. This includes our annual International Festival, showcasing the wide range of countries and cultures represented at Oxford, with food, dancing, and performances.

However, one thing about Oxford is the multiple communities that already exist! As a member of your Common Room, you’ll instantly have a home in Oxford, with events right from the beginning to meet fellow students. Most undergraduate Common Rooms also have an International Students Officer to coordinate specific events and be your representative to the college. There are also plenty of international University societies, representing many of the countries and cultural groups here – they’re a great way to meet other students from your country to make the transition to Oxford life easier. We hope you’ll become one of Oxford’s 9000 international students soon!