Mature Students

Anna Kirby-Hall

As a mature student entering Oxford (I'm over 40) I had many questions and felt a little out of place. However, I need not have worried; the younger students are very friendly and accepting. There are some things that are not always clearly said at the outset; such as, bring a memory stick and save your work on it, there is no permanent memory on the desktops in the library and I lost five hours of work this way. Join in with the JCR/MCR in your college! Remember the social side of your time here is valuable, and you’ll have a happier time if you make the effort to make friends of all ages.

I have learnt so many new things and gained in confidence with regard to my academic abilities. This is what Oxford does for all its students, it gives us the ability to produce the level of academic work that truly reflects our abilities, abilities we did not know we had. However, Oxford also gives students the confidence to know that we are capable of more than we might think at the start of our degrees, this is as true of us mature students as it is of the younger ones.

Anna, Regent's Park, Theology and Religion, student from 2013