Mental Health

Mind Your Head is an OUSU-affiliated campaign dedicated to tackling the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We raise both money and awareness for mental health concerns with our close partner, Student Minds. We envisage an Oxford where students are free to discuss and protect their own mental wellbeing without fear of judgment.

Mind Your Head welcomes testimonials from students regarding their experience of mental health issues. We do this to celebrate the bravery of these individuals and to spread the understanding that mental illness affects us all and that this is neither a choice or personal failing of the individual. Mind Your Head emphasizes that good mental health requires the support and understanding of our friends and University.

Mind Your Head also organises campaigns to raise money for our sister charity, Student Minds. This charity does fantastic work to provide Oxford students with support groups and outlets for various mental health conditions including depression and eating disorders. Previous campaigns include an open-mic style ‘Speak Easy’, including testimonials, DJs, and Jazz sets to combine the 1920s Speakeasy with hope for a future where we can all ‘Speak Easy’ about mental health. Future plans include an alternative Valentines Day event, emphasizing self-care and a Christmas Dinner.

We’re always looking for volunteers, either to give us your testimonials or to take a more active role in our Committee. Do get in touch at

I believe mental illness affects everyone. This is the most relevant OUSU campaign right now.


I joined MYH because I wanted to meet like-minded people who care about mental health at University, and to try and make an impact that helps those in need.

Alice, Committee member

Mental illness is harrowing for anyone affected by it, and this campaign is the focal point for raising awareness in Oxford. It does awesome work, and I'm proud to be involved.

Edd, Committee member and former Co-Chair

I passionately believe that so much more can be done to raise awareness for mental health concerns. I joined MYH both to share my story and make a difference for students in Oxford.

Eleanor, Committee member

I joined Mind Your Head because I think a lot of students are still under-informed about mental health, which only increases the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Eleanor, Committee member
David Parton

Studying at Oxford can be stressful. It can be difficult and many students may need welfare support during their time here. This is completely normal! Do not worry about it - Oxford has a variety of health and welfare services available to all students.

On a college level, there are the college nurses and doctors that can provide important health services locally, and also college peer-supporters and even the Deans and Junior Deans, that are trained to provide varying degrees of welfare support. JCR and MCR Welfare Officers can also be really useful in times of need.

On a university level there is even more support. OUSU's Student Advice Service (SAS) can provide free advice on a variety of issues - not just health and welfare! However, they can be really useful at advising students as to which health and welfare services to use - because there are lots available (really, there are loads) from the Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre to the Oxford University Counselling Service - there are far too many for me to talk about here. In particular, there is an abundance of mental health services available to students, but often it can be difficult to maneuver through them, and so then the SAS can be of really useful assistance.

So if you need health or welfare support - don't worry. We're here for you. Even if there isn't a service that meets your particular needs, OUSU is here to see to it that there is one.

David, St Hilda's