I can't promise you will be blown away by the Oxford night life if you're used to the buzz of a major city. However, Oxford is a city which is home to two large Universities and over 40,000 students so it shouldn't be a surprise therefore to learn that that there are still plenty of clubs to choose from (and considerably more than at 'The Other Place'!)


Wahoo used to be uncool which is what made it cool, now its mainstream and the Friday night is always packed but still great fun. It’s got two floors with a range of contemporary music and a revamped exterior. Drinks are also reasonably priced and there’s now a big platform stage thing on the ground floor that you can dance on if you’re drunk and want attention.

"It was a big Friday, I got on the platform and attempted to break dance. It didn’t go well, I think I bruised my tail bone."


Atik is Oxford’s biggest nightclub; it’s got three floors, five bars, and a range of music to suit your tastes however uncool they are. You can spend time in the bizarre Hawaiian VIP zone or act cool on the R&B floor but we all know that you’ll be on the cheese floor at midnight to sing along to the traditional nightly Pokémon theme tune among a load of sweaty blues players who think there all that with their little team ties.

"the cheese floor, it’s my spiritual home, my place of worship, and I’m sure it’s where I’ll meet my true love"


This is the roundest club I have ever been to. It’s got two round floors with a big round staircase in the middle, which many a student has tumbled down. The music is pretty good and they occasionally run some really great nights. However, this place has a habit of attracting wannabe BNOCs (Big Names On Campus) who loiter in the sticky and overpriced VIP area popping bottles of cheap cava thinking they’re cool.

"Really fun night and some great music although this guy kept boasting about his VIP table and city internship. He seemed really impressive."

Purple Turtle

Oxford clubbing is weird but this place is probably the weirdest. Interestingly, there are no confirmed reports of anyone having a bad night in the Purple Turtle as no one can remember shit. What we do know is that this place is a bit like a purple wine cellar with lots of cheap drinks and very poor ventilation. Enter at your own risk.

"So we were at BOP and then we went to Purple Turtle? Why? When? How? Who?"


Cellar is packed, overpriced, disgustingly sweaty and full of hipsters but hosts some great club nights – RnB, Hip Hop, Grime, 80s nights and more. The best nights are often those put on in conjunction with societies and zines such as Afro-Caribbean Society and the feminist zine Cuntry Living, and the money raised goes back into the societies and the great campaigns they run. A little pricey and heaving with perspiring people, but definitely one of the better nights out in Oxford.