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Exeter is known for being super friendly! Its small size, lovely staff, and picturesque setting all contribute to the special atmosphere of Oxford’s fourth-oldest college. Centrally-located, Exeter is just a stroll away from all Oxford’s shops, bars, and clubs. But step over its ancient threshold and the city bustle is left behind. A calm, caring community that welcomes all, Exonians of all years can be found working or relaxing in the tranquil Fellows’ Garden.



Food at Exeter is a relaxed affair. Breakfast starts early and is popular with scientists and rowers who need fuel for a long day. Exonians of all years take advantage of the well-priced lunches, and eat together in Hall, or on the flagstones in the sunny Front Quad. Dinner in Hall costs around £3 for a main course; popular nights are Steak Night on Mondays and Roast Dinner on Sundays, and there are always vegetarian options. Formal Hall happens twice a week and is a chance to dress up in your gown and share the Oxford experience with family and friends.



All first years live in the college accommodation on the main site on Turl Street, which was founded in 1314. Rooms are graded in price, but tend to be spacious and light. Some en suite rooms are available. Second and third years can choose to live out of college in rented accommodation in nearby East Oxford. The Cohen Quad — which is due to open in Walton Street in the summer of 2016 —will provide a further 90 rooms of undergraduate accommodation which means those who would like to, should be able to live in college accommodation for at least three years of their course. The Cohen Quad will also increase Exeter teaching and learning facilities. Exeter’s amenities include IT, printing, and laundry facilities, a small college kitchen, a busy JCR, a grand gothic chapel, and a unique garden with what is widely regarded as the best view in Oxford.


Exeter’s student-run charity, ExVac, is a big part of the JCR’s identity. Organised by Exeter students for disadvantaged children living in Oxford, ExVac events are a highlight of college life. Exeter’s mixed-voice choir tours all over the world, and Exonian poets, actors, artists, and musicians showcase their skills at Turl Street Arts Festival every spring. The college’s annual ski trip is one of the biggest in Oxford. Sporting success in rowing, netball, cricket, football, and rugby highlight Exeter’s competitive spirit, but above all else, Exonians like to make friends and have fun.


Exeter’s Welfare Tea on Wednesday afternoons sees all years come together in the JCR for free snacks and a catch-up. The brilliant welfare team is always there to help, and Exeter’s generous bursary scheme and college career office — the only one in Oxford University –—means Exonians can be supported after graduation.


Exeter’s bops (parties) are legendary – the combination of cheesy tunes, wacky costumes, and lurid ‘bop-juice’ ensures a night to remember! Bops take place in the college bar, which serves drinks and pizza every night until 11pm. Exeter is one of the only colleges to have a black-tie ball every year; its brilliant value tickets make it the envy of many other colleges.

Exeter’s stunning quad and scenic garden has made it a charming place to live, but more importantly, the people I’ve met could not have been friendlier or more welcoming.
Harry, Economics and Management, student from 2014
Exeter’s super central location puts it at the heart of Oxford life and all it has to offer.
Eleanor, English, student from 2014
Getting the chance to hear speakers throughout the year, including J. K. Rowling who spoke to celebrate college’s 700th anniversary, is a big reason why I love Exeter.
Tutku, Law, student from 2013

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Founded: 1314
Undergraduate students per year: 101
Total number of undergraduate students: 320
Famous alumni: J. R. R Tolkien, Philip Pullman, William Morris, Reeta Chakrabarti

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