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Small and close-knit, Lincoln has one of the friendliest student communities in Oxford. From bumping into people from all years every time you go anywhere in college, to chilling on Grove Quad in the summer, there is always a really welcoming atmosphere around. Surrounded by a dreamy ivy-covered wall, our central and homely grounds also house the fairytale-like tower of our beautiful library.



With a reputation for having the best food in Oxford, Hall is always buzzing! We have Formal Hall every night during term time, and Great Hall (basically an even fancier Formal) takes place every two weeks. With great variety and amazing quality of dishes, the prices are relatively cheap (we use a termly pre-pay system; for 'normal/informal' dinner sittings we now have a system where you pay by item; and Formals are about £5 for all three courses). Fish 'n chips Friday is a favourite at Lincoln! The "Deep Hall" (our busy basement bar) also serves cheap drinks and food (college bar takes cash or card for alcohol, and all food can be paid for via bod card).



Central college-owned accommodation is available for the whole duration of your course, and living together for all 3-4 years creates a strong sense of community and makes life a lot easier with everything in walking distance! A random ballot allocates first years into en suite rooms, either in the main college or the newly refurbished building just opposite. Second years are balloted into either (mostly) the Mitre or Bear Lane, both a five-minute walk from college. Although the rooms in the Mitre are notably variable in quality, you will soon adore the wonky floors and labyrinthine layout! Third years mostly live in the modern houses at Museum Road, next to the science area, and a ten-minute walk from college. If you end up in a slightly less nice room in one year, you'll have higher chances for a better one in the next year. Naturally, all accessibility needs are catered for!


We’ve got an active and enthusiastic JCR which means meetings can get quite political or chaotic but are always very entertaining. There’s always a great sense of humour within college, best seen through the election of our JCR honorary member Hassan, the one and only Turl Street kebab van owner. Comedy and open mic sessions in the common room or Deep Hall take place regularly. From the typical to the weird and wonderful, everyone also gets stuck into a range of societies: from music (College Choir, Lincoln Orchestra, Lincoln Music Society, College Panto, College Musical, over to creative writing and/or editing for The Imp (our college newspaper), to pretty much every spot you could think of (even University Quidditch!) - you are bound to find something here at Lincoln!


Student welfare is of very high importance to everyone at Lincoln, and we have an amazing team of Welfare Reps, Peer Supporters and of course the College Families who all are passionate about offering support just as much as the senior welfare contacts that include College Chaplain, Nurse, Doctor, Senior Tutor and the Deans. Delivering at times of need, the Cookie Fairies are a joyful presence in college! Welfare is always available for those seeking support and every week there are well-attended Welfare Teas featuring plentiful colourful cakes and biscuits galore!


From our regular wacky college bops (parties) and socials, karaoke and open mic nights, fashion shows, and spectacular balls every other year, to our student-run charity, VacProj, which takes disadvantaged children on holiday, you really feel part of something special at Lincoln. Our JCR features a kitchen, TV + sofas and a vending machine. Each accommodation site also has their own common room.

Undoubtedly, Lincoln is the most welcoming college, and I was experiencing this for myself at an Open Day which encouraged me to apply here. Our small size means that you really get to know everyone within the college, from the porters, to other students and tutors. Therefore, you invariably see friendly faces around college, whether you’re eating in hall or working in the library and stressing out over essay deadlines that have been left a bit longer than they ought! Belonging to such a tight-knit community makes Lincoln a wonderful place to live and work in, as everyone really cares about one another. This is perceptible, with our Cookie Fairies and our peer reps and welfare officers, who organise random surprises such as the welfare dog, as well as weekly drop-ins and teas to help you cope with anything from stress, to fifth week blues, and mental health. As a Fresher, when you’re trying to acclimate to a completely new environment without the immediacy of your family, and coming to terms with what is an entirely new way of working, this support is invaluable. All of this contributes to a wonderfully inclusive community, to which I would encourage anyone to apply.
Hannah, History, student from 2017
Lincoln is both a beautiful college and a wonderful community. The college has one of the nicest libraries and the community has an excellent welfare system. This aims to make sure that every student is aware of the many people they can talk to, should they want, which range from their peers, who have been trained, to the chaplain whose welfare role is very prominent and beyond. In such a small college with a close-knit and caring community, it is rare that anyone slips through this net.
Anisha, Chemistry, student from 2016

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Founded: 1427
Undergraduate students per year: 92
Total number of undergraduate students: 280
Famous alumni: Dr Seuss, John Radcliffe, Howard Florey, John le Carré.

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