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New College is renowned for its friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The College is probably most famous for its beautiful gardens, which make for a particularly pleasant environment to study in. Despite the college's large size of grounds and student population, there is a real 'family-feel' to the community, and as such, everyone gets along really well. There are several quads around New College, including the Cloisters which feature the Bell Tower, to which members of the college have access and from which they can enjoy a beautiful and highly exclusive view over the dreaming spires of Oxford! New College Chapel and its Choir are well-loved attributes of the college, and it is always a treat joining in for Evensong, or simply overhearing the choir's practices, and listening to the sound of their voices as they echo through the old stone walls when strolling around College.



Hall provides three meals a day for all students and the cost of all meals is heavily subsidised by the college. On weekends, there is always a nice Brunch! Formal Hall is a more formal dining experience and is held three times a week, where students have a sit down three-course meal in gowns for the same price as evening meal normally would be - just a tad higher in quality. Every Friday in odd weeks (for MCR members) and even weeks (for JCR members) College puts on a special Guest Night dinner, which is a four-course meal of even higher standard. College does amazingly with catering for any dietary requirements students might have. Whether you're on a vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian diet, or what you can eat is limited by intolerances, College will make sure you receive your very own personalised version of what's on the menu. Speaking of which - New College is surely one of the best colleges for vegans and veggies!



College provides accommodation for all years, except third years who generally live out of college accommodation. However, there are some rooms available for third years to remain living within college if they want to. The rent for most rooms in college is the same price, and 90% of all the rooms are en-suite. Most rooms do not have kitchen facilities due to the fact that College provides three meals a day, but everyone is free to use the JCR kitchen at any time. As for postgraduates, they live just a five-minute walk away from College, right where the sports grounds are. They share houses between six people, with four bathrooms and a kitchen in each one of the houses. The postgrad accommodation site is also where the MCR House is located.



New College has a huge number of societies and usually do very well in inter-college sporting events throughout the year. New College Boat Club has been both very active and successful, but there are so many more opportunities for students to get involved. There are various sports you can play at New, from football to squash, and there's also things like the essay society, or student journalism opportunities. The drama and music scene at New College is also really vivid and they usually put on (at least) two plays during the summer which is always a joy both to watch and to put on. In addition, the JCR body is relatively active in terms of holding fortnightly meetings and the JCR room itself is a great social space where all undergraduates can relax and have fun together. Equally, the MCR student community is probably one of the most active ones around Oxford, and there are always people around and events to enjoy, from garden parties to special dinners or trips to the theatre...


New College has a fantastic welfare system with dedicated members of staff within the college who look after the welfare of all the students. With your college tutor/supervisor, the Tutor for Welfare, the College Nurse, the Welfare Fellows, and the lovely porters (who really are amongst the friendliest ones around Oxford), there is no way you could ever feel lost, even though the college is so big. In addition to the senior welfare team, the JCR has two student representatives (usually second years) as a more direct point of contact for undergraduates who have any concerns related to welfare, and for the MCR, this contact point is their student Welfare Officer. Thanks to them, there are weekly Welfare Teas and other events such as Mindfulness Workshops, Yoga classes, or Pottery Brunch on Sundays which are always great fun! A team of dedicated JCR and MCR peer supporters - professionally trained by the University Counselling Service - complete what really can be considered a solid and well-functioning network supporting students during their time at New College.


College bops are fancy dress parties which are held every two weeks during term. These are usually held within college and are immense fun! Also, the college bar is newly refurbished and provides a great space for socialising both in the daytime and in the evening. The JCR is a well-used place where people catch up with friends, meet up to play some video games or watch some TV to take their mind off of the everyday stress of student life. The MCR has their own communal area over on their accommodation grounds, and whether it's the bar, the squash courts or the living area equipped with loads of big and comfy sofas, you're bound to bump into some friendly faces. In the summer, punting is always a hit with college members, as New College is lucky enough to have their sports grounds located right by the riverside.

New College is a great place to discover who you are. Everyone is caring, kind, and genuinely interested in the person into whom you will no doubt blossom during your time there.
Brogan, Law, student from 2014
My favourite thing about New College is the cafe/bar area which is at the heart of college. The board games are great fun, and the coffee isn't too bad either!
Sorrel, History, student from 2014
New College is an extremely friendly and welcoming environment to be living and studying in. Everybody gets along and there are always people around to do things with.
Olivia, Medicine, student from 2014

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Founded: 1379
Undergraduate students per year: 120
Total number of undergraduate students: 425
Famous alumni: Hugh Grant, Kate Beckinsale

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