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Regent’s is a hidden gem within Oxford, home to a small student population that’s big on community. Everyone is friends with eachother, regardless of subject or year of study, and this gives a distinct family feel to the College. Not many colleges can say the same, nor can they boast a century-old tortoise or a reputation for punching well above their weight in the wider University.



Regent’s provides three meals a day every weekday. The standard is very good; highlights include regular cooked breakfasts and 'Friday Fish and Chips'. Lunch and dinner are both two courses for under £4, while there is also a well-stocked salad bar at lunch. Each Friday evening is reserved for Formal Hall, a smart three-course dinner and a great way to end the week with friends, dressed in gowns. The atmosphere in hall at Regent's Park is always very friendly, and all members of the college (JCR, MCR, and SCR!) eat the same food at the same tables (this is very uncommon around other colleges). College is fantastic in responding to students' catering needs, and every Wednesday during term time, Regent's Park goes veggie for 'Vegetarian Wednesday' in hall.



For undergraduate students, College provides on-site accommodation for first and third years, while second years tend to live with each other in privately rented houses close to College. First-year rooms are assigned randomly (each room contains a sink and are arranged along corridors with a bathroom and kitchen at the end of each). Third years live in self-contained flats, allocated by random ballot, with their chosen flatmates. The rent for all on-site accommodation is the same. For postgraduate students, there is a limited number of rooms available at Wellington Square, and all other students are expected to rent privately. The college takes an individual-oriented approach to accessibility and in doing so, they work closely with the DAS to respond to students' specific needs.


Regent’s is home to a very active JCR, and students frequently dominate in areas such as sport, drama and student journalism; definitive proof that on the wider University scene, size doesn’t matter! Away from the daily hustle and bustle, the JCR serves free tea, coffee and biscuits at 11am and 4pm (called ‘brew’), and you can always find a friendly face in the lovely, wood-panelled JCR!


Welfare provision at Regent’s is excellent. Together with a team of two to three Junior Deans, a team of trained student peer supporters, led by a Welfare Rep, is always on hand to help with absolutely anything, whenever and for whatever reason it might be needed. On top of that, the college provides trained members of senior staff, including the Head of Welfare, a Welfare Coordinator, a Women's and Harassment Officer, a Safeguarding Lead and a Safeguarding Officer. College also regularly holds first-aid training sessions for staff and students, and there are usually at least two members of staff that are mental health first aid-trained. Every Sunday at 4pm the JCR hosts "Uber-brew", an event featuring lots and lots of sweets, crisps and other bits and pieces - always a great way to relieve stress at the end of the week.


Regent’s hosts two bops every term and themed socials on Friday evenings, all fuelled by the well-stocked student run bar (which happens to be the cheapest in Oxford)! Each summer, the JCR organises a charity ‘Birthday Party’ for our tortoise, as well as the highly popular ‘Final Fling’, Regent’s very own ball. The latter is the highlight of the social calendar, taking place on the College's beautiful quad.

I couldn't be happier or feel more at home than I do at Regent’s. It has such a friendly atmosphere, and it's so easy to feel part of a community.
Emily, Law, student from 2014
My class have loved learning from our tutors at Regent’s: they are incredibly friendly, approachable, and caring, but they also push us to reach our full academic potential.
Julia, English, student from 2014
Regent’s is not only a fantastic learning environment, but also the ideal starting place for engagement with the wider University: everyone will support and encourage you in your extracurricular endeavours.
Alex, History, student from 2013

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Founded: 1810
Undergraduate students per year: 45
Total number of undergraduate students: 115
Famous alumni: Roland Rudd, Chairman of Finsbury PR firm and former advisor to Tony Blair; Michael Symmons Roberts, poet; Barnaby Thompson, producer of 1992’s Wayne’s World and Chief Executive of London’s Ealing Studios.

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