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St Anne’s? So where exactly is that, then? A question every ‘Stanner’ gets used to answering. We haven’t been on an episode of Morse, we hardly ever wear gowns and Freshers don’t live in draughty towers. We pride ourselves on being a diverse, supportive, and easy-going but academically ambitious community. The diversity even extends to the buildings which make up college- from the more traditional Hartland house, central hub of the college, to the eclectic row of Victorian houses, home to the Freshers, to iconic 70s architecture, to the super-modern dining hall and Ruth Deech building, containing hotel-style rooms and a swish lecture theatre. The busy college life means that despite being a larger college we Stanners are a close community, with many friendships forged across years and subjects. In fact, wherever you go in college you end up bumping into people. Stanners are friendly and unpretentious, international and open-minded. Not Oxford as you know it maybe, but there was never anything wrong with being a little different.



The dining hall serves award-winning food and there is always plenty of choice; the catering staff are very accommodating to dietary requirements too. Getting food on a pay-as-you-go basis means you’re not tied down, and everyone has access to a kitchen, so the more adventurous of us can exercise our creative potential.



On-site accommodation is guaranteed for three years so you won’t have to worry about a dodgy landlord or living miles away. Rooms are randomly allotted in first year, and from second year onwards there is much more choice as to who you live with. Most rooms are en-suite.



The arts and music are big here: our chamber orchestra, life drawing classes and regular open mic nights in the quirky Stanner-decorated bar give a sense of the diverse artistic scene. If you prefer your Lionels to be Messi rather than Ritchie you’re sure to find something, too. There are rowing teams ranging from the serious to the complete novices, as well as rugby, football, hockey, netball and just about everything else. An on-site gym makes keeping fit that little bit easier, and the University Parks are right on our doorstep, so there’s no excuse not to go on that run…


Student welfare is taken very seriously, with support across college provided by welfare deans, the nurse and the college counsellor. There are also trained student peer supporters (you’ll have the opportunity to train yourself when you’re here) in addition to welfare representatives who, among other things, lay on a snack-a-licious weekly welfare tea.


The on-site bar is the centre of college social life, offering subsidised drinks, a pool room, and a jukebox. Its lively atmosphere is at its best before a bop, or after a formal hall (which happen every two weeks – and you don’t have to wear a gown!) The college entertainment reps lay on a packed calendar of events including cheese and wine evenings, bar crawls around the other colleges, and, of course, bops. Those caught enjoying themselves too much may find evidence of their antics gracing the bar’s wall of fame!

I can go literally EVERYWHERE in my pyjamas, and I live for hideous yet practical loungewear.
Joe, Music, student from 2013
St Anne's friendliness can be experienced in every aspect of life in college: from St Anne's Coffee Shop (where you can find people chilling, studying, having a chat...), to the college bar, from formals to the library...
Francesca, Classics and English, student from 2014
A warm friendly buzzing environment that opens its arms to you as soon as you arrive. Don't forget the conveniently situated "Ali's" kebab van just down the road!
Maddy, History, student from 2014

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Founded: 1878
Undergraduate students per year: 130
Total number of undergraduate students: 415
Famous alumni: Penelope Lively, Edwina Currie, Helen Fielding

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