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St Hugh’s is a beautiful, modern college tucked away in leafy North Oxford. Despite a reputation of being nearer to Birmingham than your lectures, it’s a mere 10-15 minute walk from the centre – 5 by bike – and close to a number of departments. With 14 acres of picturesque gardens and lawns which are never on any tourist routes, Hugh’s is the perfect place to escape the bustle of Oxford, but with hundreds of fellow Hughsies around you’ll never feel cut off. Proud of its history as a women’s college, Hugh’s has been open to all since 1986 with staff and students striving to be as welcoming as possible to students from any background. Its heritage has left Hugh’s without the cloistered formality of many older colleges – gowns are rarely worn and there are no ‘keep off the grass’ signs. We also have one of the best college libraries; well-stocked and always open.



Meals are available from the dining hall and the University’s China Centre, which is on site. Prices range from £1.50 for a cooked breakfast to £3 for dinner, with vegetarian options always available. Formal hall is weekly and totally optional, costing £9 to attend, and if you’d rather cook for yourself, we have more kitchens than most colleges.



Undergraduates are guaranteed a room in Hugh’s for every year of their degree, which means you’ll always be near your friends, your tutors, and all the college facilities. Rooms vary in size and amenities, but all cost the same in rent and a student-run ballot ensures you’ll have the pick of the best rooms in your final years.


Hugh’s has a vibrant social scene, including an active arts society which puts on regular performances and many successful sports teams, including large football, netball, and rowing clubs. The JCR plays an active role in student life, providing for needs as they arise.


Hughsies are looked after by two elected Welfare Reps who put on welfare teas, films, walks, and more. The staff is also incredibly supportive, especially the legendarily lovely academic registrar.


Bops are held every 2-3 weeks in the college bar and enjoy a great reputation for their high attendance and great atmosphere. Pub quizzes, talent shows, and cocktail nights are also regulars in the bar, and a black-tie ball is held every three years, the last winning rave reviews.

I love the relaxed and friendly nature of St Hugh’s, particularly the family-like relationships that form across and within years, as everybody supports one another to achieve their best!
Sian, English, student from 2013
St Hugh's is one of the most genuinely diverse Oxford colleges. Its size isn't daunting, but there are enough people for it not to be suffocating either. I really believe that anybody could fit in here.
George, Music, student from 2014
People say St Hugh’s is far out. But the 15 minute plus walks every day make our students the fittest of any college. Join the fitness revolution here at Hugh’s.
Chris, Archaeology and Anthropology, student from 2013
St. Hugh's is one of the best discoveries I’ve made since I reached Oxford. The laid-back and welcoming atmosphere perfectly matches the landscape of its wide campus, with lawns and flowers perfect both for picnics and snow fights alike, and it also helps a lot in finding a balance with the frenzy and effort that everyone puts into their work. The College’s size means that you can form your tight-knit group of friends, and still meet new people from your College halfway through the year, and if you think about it... a 15-minute-walk into town (or wherever you’d need to be) is one of the best ways to kickstart your day.
Greta Galeotti, MPhil in Linguistics 2017

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Founded: 1886
Undergraduate students per year: 124
Total number of undergraduate students: 410
Famous alumni: Aung San Suu Kyi, Amal Clooney, Emily Wilding Davison

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