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St Peter’s college is one of the smaller of it’s kind in Oxford, popularly known as friendly, informal, and fun, almost like a family, made complete with a pet tortoise; the majestic ‘Aristurtle’. The college lies directly in the centre of town, a moment’s walk away from libraries, cakes, clubs and coffee. It features three quads, and a number of post-card worthy buildings, yet avoids imposing spires and gargoyles, which are instead replaced with roaming squirrels. These are also the college’s mascot.



The pay as you go food in hall can range from around £2.50 to £6 and is always pretty yummy, with a permanent salad bar alongside the other 4 or so main options offered, which range from steaks to Mediterranean vegetables and tofu stacks. There are always vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options, with possible allergens highlighted clearly. A full English breakfast is available everyday, and brunch at the weekends, which is always heavily attended and filled with stories from the week, many of which come from the formal hall nights, that occur on Tuesday and Thursday with BYOB and a nice three course meal for £7.50.



Accommodation is guaranteed for first and third years. In first year, rent is the same for all rooms, of which you have your own, can keep a kettle and a mini-fridge in, and decorate to your liking. You share a toilet with around three other people in your year on your corridor, and are able to use the common room kitchen at any point. In third year, most rooms are en-suite. The slightly fancier rooms can be inhabited through academic ballot, but cost a little more than the annexe buildings, which are situated just off site.



The college has a lively arts scene, with keenly attended open mic nights every two weeks, where students of all years play, sing, read poetry, do stand up and more, along with regular independent documentary and film showings, art trips and shows. Sports are also a big part of college life, with many of the Peter’s teams climbing up the college rankings, from rugby to cheerleading! The JCR and MCR are both incredibly lively, with events and meetings regularly held in the rooms and by the committees. The college’s master: Mark Damazer, CBE and the former controller of Radio 4 is brilliant at getting interesting speakers into the JCR, such as Andrew Marr, Jeremy Paxman and Fi Glover.


There are three elected student welfare reps: women’s, men’s and LGBTQ. Welfare tea is on twice a week, with free food, tea and colouring for all, and other events are put on throughout the term, for example the ‘welfare cereal bar’.


There are bops every other week during term time, held in the JCR and the bar, voted the best college bar in the university! Drinks are cheap as it is student run, with pints for £1.80 and doubles for £2.50. College balls happen once every two years, and are just as magnificent, yet more affordable than other colleges.

The environment at Peter's is really inclusive, with a strong LGBTQ presence and superb welfare team. Not your typical Oxford vibe!
Izzy, Law, student from 2014
St Peter’s is a fantastic college because everyone is friendly and inclusive. There is so much to get involved with from film, to theatre, to sport.
Alice, Economics and Management, student from 2013
Peter's bar is a focal point of the college. A place of startlingly cheap drinks, a friendly atmosphere and all the lovable charm that comes with being student-run!
Joel, Modern Languages, student from 2014

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Founded: 1929
Undergraduate students per year: 102
Total number of undergraduate students: 325
Famous alumni: Mark Carney, the Governor for the Bank of England; Helen Lewis, deputy editor for the New Statesman; Ken Loach, Film and television director; Hugh Dancy, actor

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