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Wadham is friendly, fun-loving and inclusive, with a politically engaged and diverse community. We tend to do very well academically and came third in the Norrington table in 2015. It’s very central, and has a beautiful quad (the most symmetrical in Oxford), a chapel and gardens, as well as a modern library and bar. We have a tortoise and ducks and will soon have a puppy.



Lunch is served in the new refectory each weekday, and usually costs £2-4. Half the options are vegetarian! For dinner (which is £4.27) you can eat either in the new refectory or in hall if you’re feeling fancy. Wadham doesn’t do formals, but there are guest nights where students can bring parents or friends.


You can live in college for your first year and one other, usually your last, and all rooms cost the same amount. Third years do a random ballot for priority choosing rooms. Second years have to rent privately, but Wadham gives a grant towards the cost. Most live off Cowley Road, which has cheap restaurants, charity shops and a record store. Wadham also has off-site accommodation called Merifield where graduates, fourth years and exchange students live. There are kitchens dotted all around college. A few of the rooms have en-suites but usually a bathroom is shared between two to four people.


Wadham has a successful rowing team and other sports teams. There’s also an active drama scene, and occasional open mic nights. Wadham SU organises Queer Week, which is a week of talks, workshops and performances about LGBTQIA issues and culture. There’s so much to get involved with that you won’t know where to start!


At Wadham, student welfare is always a priority. The Student Union (SU) has four Welfare Officers who organise regular events like teas, Zumba and Yoga. The SU also has a Women’s Officer, an LGBTQIA Officer, a People of Colour and Racial Equality Officer, a Disabled Students Officer and a Trans Rep. There are also trained peer supporters who do regular drop-in sessions. Wadham has a Welfare Advisor, and Wendy the chaplain is always on hand for a cup of tea and a chat.


We have bops every two weeks which always end with everyone dancing along to ‘Free Nelson Mandela’. QueerFest is an annual massive party celebrating LGBTQIA identities and it’s the glitteriest night you can imagine. Wadstock is a mini music festival and goes on all day and into the night. We also have a ball once every three years!

The best thing about Wadham is that it's a college where it's easy to get the work-life balance right. Not only is it easy to work hard here, but it's easy to play hard too.
Liam, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, student from 2015
I have never felt more comfortable or more accepted than at Wadham – it’s a really kind, fun, supportive community. Oxford can be really tough but Wadham has made it more than worth it.
Ella, Classics, student from 2014
There are always so many amazing things happening at Wadham - from activism and student politics, to sport and theatre, there is genuinely something for everyone.
Isobel, History of Art, student from 2014

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Founded: 1610
Undergraduate students per year: 128
Total number of undergraduate students: 425
Famous alumni: Rowan Williams, Michael Rosen, Monica Ali, Laurie Penny, Rosamund Pike, Robert Hooke, Michael Foot, Christopher Wren

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