Choosing a course

Choosing the right course is the most important part of your university application, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to research this bit. Even if you know what subject you want to study, it is worth looking closely at the course information because courses with the same name can still differ a lot between different universities.

If you’re not sure what you want to study, it is worth thinking about the things you are good at. However, it is even more important that you choose something you find interesting and will enjoy. Is there a subject you enjoy reading about beyond your school curriculum or are excited about exploring in more depth?

There are also lots of exciting subjects on offer at Oxford that you may not have heard of or had the opportunity to study before. Some courses will require you to have particular school subjects, but many others you can study totally from scratch. Interested in science? Why not check out Biochemistry, Material Science or Earth Sciences? If humanities are more your thing, you might like to look at Oriental Studies, Classics, Theology or Archaeology and Anthropology.

Students are sometimes concerned that choosing a particular degree subject may impact on their career options later. Every single one of Oxford’s courses will equip you with key skills, such as research and critical thinking, which means that Oxford graduates from all courses go on to do an incredibly wide variety of impressive and interesting jobs. It is by no means only Economics graduates who gain jobs in business and finance, or Law graduates who end up as professional lawyers! Oxford has impressive employment statistics from all courses so we recommend prioritising your interest in studying the subject for the next 3+ years over pinning down a particular career path… unless of course you definitely want to be a doctor!

Is it the right course for me?

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